Investing in access to high-quality, affordable early care and education for families across the Washington region.



Research shows that young children (ages 0 to 5) need a strong social, emotional and intellectual foundation to succeed in school. Children who enter kindergarten without this foundation for learning are more likely to face significant academic challenges than peers who come prepared. Quality early care and education can successfully close this “preparation gap,” while facilitating the economic security and long-term financial success of low-income families, supporting parents in the workforce, and preparing future workers to meet the needs of the regional business community and become active, contributing members of society. 

To meet these pressing social and economic needs, The Women’s Foundation established the Early Care and Education Funders Collaborative, a multi-million dollar collective funding effort. Launched in October 2008, the Collaborative is supported and directed by corporate funders and local and national foundations.Homestretch

The Collaborative’s mission is to increase the quality and capacity of, and access to, early care and education in the Washington region.

In keeping with this mission, the Collaborative’s goals are to:

  1. Improve the quality of early care and education for low-income children ages zero to five;
  2. Expand access to affordable early care and education options;
  3. Support professional development for early care and education professionals;
  4. Encourage and strengthen partnerships among stakeholders that support positive changes in the early care and education system.

For more information about the Collaborative contact Program Officer Lauren Stillwell at or (202)347-7737 x217.  Or, follow the links below to go to:

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