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2009 Stepping Stones Research Briefing

Stepping Stones is Washington Area Women's Foundation's multi-year initiative focused on increasing economic security and financial independence for low-income, women-headed families in the Washington metropolitan area.

The Women's Foundation and the Urban Institute co-sponsored the 2009 Stepping Stones Research Briefing on May 20, 2009, featuring two panels highlighting strategies for increasing and preserving the income and asset gains of low-income, women-headed families through the current recession.

Download the audio and presentations from the briefing.

Panel 1: Building Income and Assets in an Economic Downturn

Heather Boushey, Center for American Progress
The Economy and the Recession: A National Overview

Benjamin Orr, Greater Washington Research at the Brookings Institution
Demographic and Economic Trends Affecting Women and Girls in the Washington Metropolitan Area

John Schmitt, Center for Economic and Policy Research
Unions and Upward Mobility for Women Workers

Oramenta Newsome, Washington DC LISC
Increasing Assets and Economic Security through Tenant Opportunity to Purchase

Panel 2: Maintaining the Safety Net of Benefits and Work Supports

Ed Lazere, DC Fiscal Policy Institute
Challenges Facing Low-Income DC Families

Gina Adams, The Urban Institute
Designing Subsidy Systems to Meet the Needs of Families

Carolyn Hayden, Opportunity Cars and Marty Schwartz, Vehicles for Change
Car Ownership Models: Promoting Economic Advancement and Overall Well Being for Low Income Children and Families

Rosa Maria Castaneda, The Urban Institute
The Impacts of Immigration Enforcement on Families, Children, and Communities